Geologists' Association – Virtual Festival of Geology

7/8 November 2020

Welcome to our contribution to the Geologists' Association Virtual Festival of Geology 

The wide range of rock types used for gravestones means that cemeteries can be geological treasure-troves. Enjoy our video, view our Powerpoint presentation and explore our website. You'll never look at cemeteries in the same way again!


Gravestone Geology – A brief introduction

In this documentary video, Nina Morgan and Philip Powell introduce the concept of Gravestone Geology.


(Duration: 9'38")

Gravestone Geology – Bringing Cemeteries to Life

This more detailed online presentation by Nina Morgan and Philip Powell was recorded for the Virtual Festival of Geology.


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A collection of stories in appreciation of Eric Robinson – geologist, polymath and raconteur.

Whether you realise it or not, if you were a geology student at any UK university any time between 1953 and 2000, an active member of the Geologists' Association, or a loyal reader of the magazine Geology Today, you probably know Eric Robinson.  Always a kind and helpful presence when studies were going badly, projects were collapsing and confidence draining away, Eric has done so much to bring geologists of all types together.  Ericdotes brings together a collection of stories about Eric from his many friends and admirerers.


What the reviewers say:

It is Eric that introduces me to the ostracod, the building stone and the GA – each have stayed with me through my life.  The ostracod, eventually the subject of my own PhD research, building stones that opened my mind to the world of urban geology, and the GA.  Well, the GA wasn't so much an introduction rather an instruction – every student shall join the GA whilst they are here – but how I have benefited from that association ever since.

– Jonathan Larwood


There are stories about Eric as a teacher and field-trip leader, his dealings with Marie Stopes about memories of research voyages and sea-sickness aboard the John Murray, and about his activities since retiring to Somerset.  Anyone who has enjoyed a connection with Eric Robinson will want this booklet.

-- David Brigland


Copies cost £5 + £1.50 P&P. Buy yours at the Geologists' Association online shop.



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Eric Robinson and friends