The Geology of Oxford Gravestones

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September 2016 - Oxoniensia - review (click image to read)


Geology Today Book Review August 2016 (pdf)

New article published:
Building stones explained 8: Gravestone geology Geology Today, Volume 32, No 4, July – August 2016, pp. 154 – 159 (pdf)

April 2016 The Geology of Oxford Gravestones provides evidence for the history of the British Stone Industry. See the Geoscientist Online article by Professor John R L Allen

March 2016 - Down to Earth - review (click image to read)

Down to earth

3 January 2016 Guardian online. Rock Spotting? It beats shopping

December 2015/January 2016 Geoscientist: Science in the City; Review in the print edition of Geoscientist

December 2015: Book Review in The Door, the monthly newspaper from the Diocese of Oxford

December 2015: Book Review: The Geology of Oxford Gravestones, Magazine of the Geologists Association, Volume 14, No. 4 2015

November 2015: Review in Geoscientist Online (Nov-2015) by Ted Nield

November 2015: Review in The Natural Stone Specialist

October 2015 – Review in the Dorset Geologists' Association Newsletter

September 2015 – Nina Morgan and Philip Powell discuss The Geology of Oxford Gravestones on That's Oxford TV (below)

Oxford TV

August/September 2015

Oxford Times
  • 25 August 2015
    New book on gravestone geology is a dead good read – says the Oxford Mail.
  • The same article is also in The Oxford Times